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Arsene’s Summer Saga: This Time It’s Personal

When you watch Arsene Wenger give a press conference, it’s hard not to like him. That’s my opinion anyway. But when you read what he has to say, without the benefit of seeing him speak, it’s easy to have a … Continue reading

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Samir Nasri’s Ambition

Samir Nasri looks set to leave Arsenal this summer after months of speculation about his future. By all accounts he will be heading to the Eastlands to ply his trade for an ever-growing Manchester City squad of mercenaries. If the … Continue reading

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How to Win a Title

Last season Arsenal failed to win the Premier League title. I realize it’s a fact that was probably missed by most football enthusiasts, but very little slips through the cracks here at Yankee Gunner Blog. We have an entire statistics … Continue reading

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Think Deep

Aristotle had it. Barry White’s voice had it. The Marianas Trench has it and so do Manchester United. It’s depth. And it’s an absolute necessity for a football club that wants to win a major trophy. Despite all the fatuous … Continue reading

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The Summer Of Our Discontent

Have They Bottled It? In the increasingly polarized world of Arsenal support, it seems that there is only room for unrelenting positivity or cataclysmic doom. But I’d like to suggest that there’s a third option. Perhaps it is possible to … Continue reading

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Emirates Cup: History Repeating?

Two days. Two matches. Two draws. Two blown leads. Two unsettled players. Two weeks until the new season. Perhaps that’s the best way to summarize the weekend that was the 2011 Emirates Cup. There’s little to be said about either … Continue reading

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Arsenal v Boca Juniors – Live Blog

Live Blog for Arsenal v. Boca Juniors *tip – if viewing the live blog on a touch screen mobile phone, use two finger swiping to scroll through updates. Click link below to enter live blog. It will being at roughly … Continue reading

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The Real Problem at Arsenal

All summer long, Arsenal fans have cried out for new signings. We wants strikers. We want wingers. We want central defenders. We want a left back to replace Gael Clichy. Some still believe we need a goal keeper. And some … Continue reading

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Arsenal Crisis Reaches UNBELIEVABLE Levels

REPORT: In a stunning reversal of fortune, it is expected that Arsenal Football Club will enter administration this week. The London club was considered to be cash rich and run at a profit, but some recent revelations have changed circumstances. … Continue reading

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Arsene Wenger’s Lost Team

August, 2007. Life after Theirry begins at Arsenal. It was supposed to be a transitional year for the club. The invincibles had all but been disbanded and there was a crop of new players waiting to make their mark at … Continue reading

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