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The Law Of Diminishing Returns

Made a difference, didn’t he? As another transfer window draws to a close, Arsenal supporters feel a great kinship with those poor bastards who waited for Godot. But why the angst? Why the impending sense of doom surrounding the increasing … Continue reading

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Deadline Day, Or As It’s Better Known At Arsenal: Friday

The transfer window has slammed shut. Although that might not be the correct way to describe it because “slamming” implies a loud and dramatic action. For Arsenals fans, the transfer window ended not with a bang, but with a whimper. … Continue reading

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Season Preview: Curtain Falls on the One-Man Show

The season is upon us. Once again we are debating ins and outs, rather than settling on our best XI to face Sunderland at the Emirates this Saturday. It’s frustrating but it’s the way of modern football. The timing of … Continue reading

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Theo is Staying at Arsenal

No sooner had Robin van Persie penned his now infamous missive about the direction of his beloved Arsenal than the pundits began speculating on the future of Theo Walcott. The press love a good crisis at Arsenal. But after last … Continue reading

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It’s The Midfield, Stupid

During the 1992 Presidential election, Bill Clinton uttered the now famous words, “it’s the economy, stupid.” That phrase came to symbolize his campaign. He defeated the incumbent George H. W. Bush by keeping the focus of the election squarely where … Continue reading

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Blackburn Preview: A Chance To Make A Statement

Apologies for the absence of the blog over the past few weeks. Life has been, let’s just say, “interesting.” If Arsene Wenger was my manager he would say that I’ve shown incredible “mental strength.” That is to say, I’ve shown … Continue reading

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The Carling Cup Is Fun Again + A Podcast

As I watched Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain create four England goals in one half of football on Monday, I couldn’t help but think, “the Carling Cup could be fun for Arsenal supporters this season.” A few weeks ago, we might have been … Continue reading

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