Saturday could offiicially suck

United can win the title with a win over the Gunners at Old Trafford

It’s painful, but poetic. Somehow it just fits our season. Manchester United will win the Premier League with a win over the Gunners on Saturday. It should give us something to play for. No one wants to watch another team celebrate a title in front of them. But our players seem to lack that motivational spark. For some reason, this group of Gunners finds it difficult to get themselves properly motivated for any game. If the CL semi-finals weren’t adequate incentive, then Saturday might seem like a practice game. And if we approach this fixture with anything less than total commitment, we could be in for an historic result. (No, not the good kind.)

There’ not much news to share today. Gadzidis has said some nice things about Arsene Wenger and it’s to be expected given the recent criticism facing the manager. And while Gadzidis said many of the right things, he just needs to give the situation time to cool down. I’m sure Arsenal fans will take a deep breath this summer and remember just how fortunate we are to have the Frenchman at the helm. He doesn’t need to leave the club, although he may need to rethink his strategy. Whatever he decides is best for the club, I hope he decides it this summer and sticks with it next season. The hardest part of the past month has been watching him tinker with new tactics during the most crucial part of the season. Let’s face it, if you’re tweaking you golf swing on the 18th hole of the Masters, you’re not good enough to win the tournament. Nuff said.

My only thought for today is that Arsene Wenger might need to question the team that he has this summer. Not because of talent but because of attitude. Arsenal fans will forgive players for bad performances but not if the poor showing comes from a perceived lack of effort. I realize that young players need to learn tenacity, but some of our more senior players aren’t setting the right example. If the players we have today played with maximum effort every match this season, we might be looking at a different scenario heading to old trafford. That extra effort is the difference between disappointing scoreless draws, and getting the goal that grabs you all three points. And when you’re defending is letting you down, sometimes sheer attitude and determination can improve the situation. My biggest misgivings about this season are from the lack of effort I have seen from some of our players. Hopefully, it’s a problem that will be dealt with decisively in the summer.

Short blog today, getting into summer mode already.

I’m sure there’ll be plenty to bitch about come Saturday evening. (But hopefully not…)

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