Summer talk begins in earnest

Some good news and some expected news

Just a few tidbits today as the season winds to a close. To be completely honest, if you offered to cancel the remaining games I think I’d take that offer. There’s a real chance that we will be overrun at Old Trafford at the weekend and it’s not the best way to head into the summer period. If we can manage to stay within a goal of the Red Devils it would be an accomplishment. Unfortunately, I don’t see it happening.

There’s no question that our defending will have to be addressed in the transfer market, but we probably need to makes some decisions about our strikers as well. The good news is that Theo is resigned and RVP looks almost certainly ready to follow suit. Today he called for Arsenals players to stay with the team so that they can accomplish something special together. He observed that it’s hard to forge good team spirit when you lose two or three first-team players each summer. While I completely agree, it’s made even harder when you don’t replace those players.

With Van Persie seemingly ready to resign, Wenger will have to decide if players like Arshavin and Theo are going to continue to play on the wing or if they are the right fit for the center of attack. Personally, I really like Theo’s pace on the right and I would love to see him continue in that role. As for Arshavin, he has suggested that God has seen him through the difficulty of playing on the left wing. I think that’s a pretty strong hint that he doesn’t seem himself suited for the position. While he has flourished there, I think he’s probably better suited for the middle of the park. Depending on what formation Wenger chooses to employ next season, Arshavin might get his wish playing as a support striker. Regardless, I’m looking forward to his first full season at the Emirates and his debut for us in Europe.

Pavel Pogrebnyak has hinted that he would like to follow his Russian counterpart and play for Arsene Wenger. It’s nice for players to show their appreciation for our club, but there’s little likelihood that we’ll see him in an Arsenal kit next season. He’s a decent player, but far from what’s needed in the transfer window. Wenger will be looking for defensive reinforcements and Pogrebnyak won’t help us in that department.

Speaking of defenders, Kolo Toure is ready to pledge his future to the club. He says he is “in love” with Arsenal and wants to stay. I have always had a little crush on Kolo myself, but there’s no denying he’s lost something from him game. I would certainly like to see him stay, but his form will have to improve to something approaching his best. Additionally, Kolo will never be the enforcer that we sorely need in the middle of our defense. I’m not sure we have that player on our team at all. It’s the most logical choice for the transfer window and I really hope Wenger will find someone that will help us shed our reputation as a “soft” team.

Finally, to news that comes as a surprise to no one, Arsene Wenger says that we don’t need to spend big money in the summer to improve the club. I’m just ignoring him for the moment. He always says the same thing about transfers and then does whatever the heck he wants, so why bother to analyze. That’s better left for when the barrage of rumors start flying. Hopefully, there will be rumors linking us with quality defensive help that will prove to be true.

That’s all for today, but there’s a website claiming to have photos of the new Arsenal kit for next season. If it’s authentic, I don’t think the supporters will be too excited. Something about Arsenal wearing blue probably won’t sit well.


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